Sunday, March 22, 2009

finally, a breakthrough

So I'm obviously more of a triathlete/cyclist than a runner. Running has always been really hard for me. Doctors and my PT have told me that I'm just not built for it (really short stocky legs) and I'll never be very good at it. I can accept that I'll never be like ... great at running but thought I could be at least "respectable"

I've always really struggled with longer distance running. Anything over like 5k and my speed totally drops off.

I ran Mercer Island this morning, a tough half marathon, and decided I was going to "jog" it since I raced my bike yesterday. My previous best was 1:47:33 or around an 8:13/mile pace so I just wanted to go a little faster than that. I started off at what felt like a comfortable pace. At mile 5, I asked a guy next to me what our time was, 36:40, way faster than I expected ... probably a little too fast but it didn't feel hard. I crossed the 10k line just under 46:00 which is actually a 10k PR for me. Around mile 10 I started to feel a cramp in my left hamstring but I ran through it even though it slowed me down a little bit. at 12 miles I gave it what little kick I had left in my legs. As I crested the last hill just before the finish I saw 1:39:xx on the clock and was like "holy crap!" and sprinted across for a chip time of 1:39:24 or a ~7:35/mile pace.

A funny aside, my old running coach was watching at the finish and was so shocked to see me she said "Jessica! What are you doing?!?" I was like "running faster than we thought I could I guess!"

In other news, I'm pretty sure I earned enough points to upgrade to Cat 3 in cycling! I want to wait until Lucy gets enough points to upgrade with me. It shouldn't take her too long though, if our calculations are correct, she's only 2 points away!


D said...

Dude, you sooooo rock! Awesome. So, when are you going pro? :D

Side note: way to blog!

Teresa said...

You are doing so great!!! You will have a fantastic year!!!