Monday, October 13, 2008

Flipping the &%$# out

*I edited out the bad words.

Yesterday, my sister and I were going over to my dad's for his birthday and we had about 45 minutes before our ferry left (he lives on an island) so we decided to go for a run while we waited since I had run to the ferry and she had her running stuff with her.

We set out running along the downtown Seattle waterfront. We cannot run ONE *$&^ING BLOCK without some *##hole harassing us, honking at us or even grabbing at us. We were kind of joking about it but it was really starting to bug both of us.

So we get back to the ferry terminal and we're waiting to cross the road back to the terminal and this guy gets right up next to us and was like "how far did you run" we ignored him and crossed the road. He starts following us and asks again "how far did you run." we ask him to leave us alone and he kind of gets right up in our faces and is like "oh, I guess it wasn't that far then." My sister then snapped at him "you know, we really don't feel like being hit on right now." Then, right as she's saying that these two other dudes descend on us and start harassing us and grabbing at my arm. We continue to walk away and then the guy who grabbed at me said something else, I wish I could remember what it was but it was *@&%ing lewd and degrading.

I snapped, I totally (*@%ing snapped and charged the guy with closed fists until I was about 2 inches from his face and yelled at him for about 30 seconds while he was kind of cowering in the corner of the hallway we were in that goes up into the ferry terminal. I told him that I am so *&%@ing sick of *#&%ing dumb *&@holes thinking that they can say whatever the *&#$ they want to me and try to cut me down and degrade me just to make them and their ____________ feel bigger. I told him to stay the *&@$ away from me and my sister and to *(#& the *&#@ off. I don't think I've ever used more foul language in my life.

After I yelled at him I turned around and walked away with my sister. The best part, while I was flipping out on the dude, the other dude who had been bugging us about how far we had ran tried to hit on my sister AGAIN.

Even though I was proud of myself for standing up to this jerk, I spent the rest of the night feeling totally small.

In conclusion, FTW


Jen Plods Along said...

You showed a lot more restraint that I would have. I would have definately been doing some pushing and shoving. Good for you for not putting up with that crap.

A**holes like that need to be put in their place! Thanks for speaking up for the sisterhood!

Maggs said...

Yeah, I would have been a little more physical, maybe a kick in the nuts!

Rachel said...

I just read this on slowtwitch. I hate crap like that. I hate feeling angry and flustered and somehow weak whenever that happens to me. Jerk! Glad you told him off!!


Just A Guy said...

Good for you, no guy has the right to treat you that way. I am a guy and it bothers me when men do not show women their due respect. I am a son, brother, husband and dad to some fantastic women.....come on guys, show some respect. Is that how you would treat your mother, sister or daughter?