Thursday, April 3, 2008

Physical Therapy

I had a really good PT appointment yesterday. She did all these tests for pes anserine bursitis and she thinks that i actually have/had tedonitis in my hamstring since the pain was localized above and not below the back of my knee. It's still a little tender but feels so much better. She showed me some really good exercises and stretches (some of which I was already doing and are really helping) and gave me a good plan for easing back into running for the next two weeks.

The neatest part though was watching a video of myself running. I carry one arm higher than the other and I also turn my knees in a little so some of the exercises should correct that.

Also, the video was really cool for a totally non-PT related reason. I know I have a lot of issues with body dysmorphia (meaning, in my case, I always think that I'm much heavier and less muscular than I actually am) and when I saw a video of myself on the treadmill it was almost like I was looking at someone else's body at first. I was like "wow, she's really strong!" before I realized that I was looking at myself. It made me feel really good.


Jessi said...

Hmm.... when I saw the video of my gait analysis, I thought "Dear god am I really that fat???" :)

Coach Tammy said...

Dude, you should go see Monique and have her do some ART on you. Seriously, she fixed my shoulder in ONE VISIT! She has magic hands.